Apply to the Palisades Community Fund

General Instructions

Please note: Applicants must be a 501c3 in order to receive a PCF grant. For individuals or informal groups with a worthy cause who are not a 501c3, a sponsoring 501c3 must be found to act as the fiscal agent.

The Palisades Community Fund supports organizations proposing new projects, events, or community outreach to benefit Palisades DC residents. We do not support general operating expenses.

Applications need not be complex, but they must include a budget for the project and a budget for maintenance (if applicable). Capital projects that include installation and maitenance must name the individuals responsible.

Applications must spell out in detail how the project or program will specifically aid Palisades residents. For example, a service proposal should stipulate the number of Palisades residents who participate or are served.

All proposals should clearly describe their novel contribution to the community, explaining the specific need the project meets. They also should include how the oragnization will recognize and publicize the grant from the Palisades Community Fund.

All applications must include name, address and phone/email of someone who can answer questions about the proposal.

Application Format

Please follow the following format when applying for a grant:


  • Name and address of Requesting Group or Organization
  • Principal Sponsors/Contact Persons (names, roles, address, telephone numbers, fax, email)
  • Finance Contact and Contact Information (if different than the sponsor above)
  • Organization's Operating Budget, if applicable


  • Name of Project
  • Status: New or Ongoing 
    - If ongoing, please provide (a) project start date/month, (b) the operating budget
  • Project Objectives
  • Project Description: Describe the activities of the project, plans for implementation, and how the project will aid Palisades residents.
  • Total Project Budget
  • Evaluation: Specify when and how success will be defined and measured, and if applicable, how many Palisades residents will benefit.
  • Timeline for completion


Specify the amount of the request and how a Palisades Community Fund grant will be spent.



Please specify options for recognizing the Palisades Community Fund grant and publicizing it to the community or your organization's constituents. Examples include recognition on your website, on event posters/banners, or in your electronic or print newsletter, as well as physical plaques or equivalents for capital projects, etc.

Specify amounts from other sources -- e.g. foundation grants, large individual gifts, general donations, or other sources, and whether these funds are promised or received.


If the organization has received funding from the Palisades Community Fund in the past, please provide the date, amount, and purpose for grants received within the past five years.


Other General Instructions and Information

Please present this request on no more than five typewritten, double-spaced pages.

Completed requests should be emailed to

If email is not possible, they may be mailed to:

Chair, Palisades Community Fund
PO Box 40603, Palisades Station
Washington, DC 20016

The criteria for grants are contained in Part IV of the PCF Committee's Operating procedures and are:

  • Meets the requirements of the Foundation for the National Capital Region, e.g. Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) requirements
  • Has a substantial Palisades Community impact, i.e. the proposed project should be located physically within the Palisades Community, or should have a potentially significant effect on a substantial number of Palisades community residents.
  • Promotes charitable activities, cultural enrichment, community service or education, economic improvement or environmental enhancement.

The Palisades Community Fund Committee meets twice a year to consider requests for grants. Our deadlines are"

April 30 for our spring grant round

October 30 for our fall grant round

Please be advised that grant recipients are required to provide a final report/ financial accountability document upon completion of the Project.

For additional information, please contact 202-363-7441.